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When to drill a Lock

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

When you can’t swipe a card to push the latch or use a hook to open the door from the inside by pulling the handle down. When the lock won’t work with the key because of any problem that might be the mechanism. Whenever all the above options have been checked and tried and there is no other way but drilling. Drilling the different types of locks also has its own rules. There are two ways to drill a rim.

1.Above the keyhole in order to destroy the pins.

2.On other sides of the key all in order to destroy the two side screws that hold him in place.

There is only one way to drill cam locks and that is straight through the keyhole. Drilling a mortise can be tricky so it is important to make sure the locksmith uses the right tools and drilling from the key all and not above it. In some mortise locks, there is a need for an additional drill in order to. Real the security top pin that holds the levers but that shouldn’t be left visible and those who know how to do it will be very accurate and won’t damage the door. When drilling a Euro lock it is important to know which lock it is. Some locks have a very high-security anti drill mechanism that if the locksmith drills at the wrong place it might cause an unexpected and unnecessary damage to the door. Always remember to ask the locksmith what can be done in order to gain access without damaging the lock and the door.

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