What Is Lock Snapping?

What Is Lock Snapping?

Lock snapping technique is becoming an increasingly common method now for burglars to enable them to break into a home. Lock snapping is an attack method that focuses on Euro cylinder door locks. Some locks can be broken into within 10 seconds!

The Lock Snapping Method

Burglars would normally use basic tools like a screwdriver or a hammer to apply extreme force to snap the lock in two and then the outer part of the lock mechanism can be removed enabling easy access to the inner mechanism of the lock that can then be unlocked.

We have put together this blog for you to try and help you understand about anti-snap locks, how they work and also how they can help protect you against potential break-ins.

If your door has a multi-entry lock system, then you probably believe that you already have a top-notch security system in place. However, these locks can be compromised as well. Locking points in a door are activated by one point, the cylinder in which the keys enters the lock. This is the most vulnerable part of the locking mechanism that is targeted by burglars to weaken the security of the rest of the door.

Can we stop lock snapping?

The locks on our homes are there to provide us with some level of security, and even if a burglar does try and get access to your property then hopefully the locks system that you have in place will give them a run for there money and they would have a battle to gain entry. But like we have said earlier, even some of the best secure looking locks can be broken in just a couple of minutes by using the lock snapping technique.

As mentioned above it is the cylinder that is the weak point when it comes to lock snapping so no matter how expensive or secure your lock appears, it may not be as secure as you think.

Below we have put some information together about the different types of anti snaps locks that are available and the different standards that are available.

TS007 3 star

If your euro cylinder lock holds a TS007 BSI kitemark with a 3 star rating then this shows that it has been tested for its snap resistance. The kitemark confirms that it has been tested through a third party and not just the manufacturer providing it with a high standard of security.

SS312 Diamond Standard

The SS312 Diamond SS312 Diamond Approved Standard Cylinder and was one of the first test standard created to deal with lock snapping and is considered to be of the highest level of approval for cylinders. It was made to deal with the ever growing problem of lock snapping

Can you fit an anti snap lock yourself?

It is really important that a euro cylinder lock is fitted correctly to your door as most lock cylinders do vary on there size and shape. If a euro cylinder lock is not fitted properly then you can leave your lock insecure and prone to lock snapping which is what you need to avoid.

Even the cylinder sticks by 3 millimetres or more, then this can be deemed as insecure and again, leaving the lock prone to snapping. Preferably the lock should be completely flat with no overhang or protruding edges. Having the correct size cylinder is so important and should be expertly fitted by an experienced locksmith.

Rundown on Lock Snapping

So what we have found it is the best way to protect yourself against the anti snapping technique is to call your local locksmith in Sheffield and get the right advice from experienced and qualified professionals. Call us today on 08082058514.

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