UPVC Windows and Doors Security

UPVC Windows and Doors SecurityUPVC windows and doors are widely used across the UK and it is thought to be one of the best options for securing your property from the likes of burglars. With this in mind, it is important to check the type of lock that is supplied with your windows and doors as the wrong kind of lock could significantly reduce the security of your windows and doors. Below we will go into detail on the the best locks you should use to maximise your home security.

Cylinder Lock Snapping

The locks and handles that are fitted by default on many UPVC windows and doors more often than not are not the most secure option can leave windows and doors vulnerable to break-ins.

A technique used by burglars known as lock snapping or cylinder snapping allows them to gain entry to your property in a matter of minutes. This is a very real threat and this method is used in a large percentage of break-ins.

Cylinder snapping is unfortunately very easy and once the cylinder of the lock has been compromised, then the security of lock is compromised and burglars can access your property with no resistance.

Preventing This Issue

The best way to combat the risk of becoming a victim of lock snapping is to have a more secure anti snap cylinder installed on your UPVC windows and doors. These types of locks are specifically designed to ensure you do not become a victim of lock snapping. If a burglar tried the lock snapping technique on one of these locks only the front barrel of the lock will snap leaving the locking mechanism secure. If this does happen, your property will be secure and you will still be able to use your key in the lock but it is advised that you get the lock replaced as soon as possible.

UPVC Windows

Many UPVC windows are already fitted with window locks when they are made, and in many cases, it is not possible to actually change the locks on these windows. This is because the window frame is not strong enough to support a separate lock that is not already built in.

Usually UPVC windows are already fitted with good quality locks, generally they tend to be deadlock shoot bolts or espagnolette locks. Both of these types of locks generally work very well but often can be reinforced by using galvanised steel or hardened aluminium, which can be added to the hollow body. This is not something that can be done after a window has already been made it needs to be done at the point on manufacture. Another security feature of UPVC windows is internal beading, the internal beading on a window actually stops the glass being lifted from the frame from outside the property.

All new windows should be built to the British Standard 7950 kit mark, which is now the minimum level of security required for the manufacture of windows.

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