Top 5 Home Security Tips For Going on Holiday

Top 5 Home Security Tips For Going on HolidayIt’s that time of year when we all swan off to somewhere hot to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. It is also the perfect time for burglars to start looking for targets, as they know most people are away on holiday. We have put together 5 tips to make sure you don’t become a victim of burglary whilst you’re on holiday.

Make Your Home Look Like Someones In

If you home looks like it’s empty it can easily become a target for opportunist burglars. The best way to avoid being burgled when on holiday is to make your home look as if someone is in. There are several things you can do to deter these burglars.

  1. Don’t shut all your curtains, it’s very obvious nobody is in if curtains are still open at night and during the day.

  2. Set timer switches for lighting, televisions and radio so they come on during the day and in the evening so it looks as if someone is in.

  3. Make sure you cancel any milk man rounds or newspaper deliveries 3-4 bottles of milk piled up outside the house is a tell tale sign that you are away from home.

Let A Trusted Neighbour You Are Away

Neighbourhood Watch schemes have been around for years and are a very effective way to deter burglars. Tell a neighbour you trust that you are going on holiday and ask them if they can park their car on your drive whilst your away and you can even ask them to come and pick up your mail so you don’t have a pile of mail building up on your doorstep. The Royal Mail also do a Keepsafe service where they will hold you mail for up to 66 days whilst you are away.

Don’t Advertise Your Travel Plans

Many people when they are getting excited cant help but post on social media about going on holiday, but posting details of when your leaving, how long your going away for on Facebook, Twitter e.t.c can be very dangerous indeed. Many buglars use social media to scope out new targets and see whether the residents of a home are in or not. Keep it to yourself, don’t post it on social media!

Ensure All Doors and Windows Are Tight Shut

It seems obvious but many burglars access a property through open doors and open windows make sure you don’t leave any keys or valuables anywhere within sight. If a burglar enters a property through an obvious entrance using a key that they have found hidden, then your insurance could become invalid as you haven’t taken the necessary precautions to secure your home. Make sure all windows upstairs and downstairs are tightly locked shut.

Be Careful When Labelling Your Luggage

It seems strange to be wary of how you label your luggage, but being discreet when labelling your luggage can keep both your luggage and your home safe. If your luggage has your home address on not only is in an advertisement that you’re not home but an opportunist burglar at the airport could inform other burglars you are not there. At the same time if you are going to the airport in a taxi don’t discuss your travel plans with the driver unless you know who they are and trust them.

We hope these tips can help you keep your home secure whilst you are on holiday. If you need any advice on improving your home security whilst on holiday then please contact G & M Locksmiths on 0114 205 5308 or visit our website

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