Home Security: Keep Burglars Away From Your Home

Home Security: Keep Burglars Away From Your HomeEnsuring your home is safe from intruders doesn’t necessarily require hi tech gadgets and top of the range home security systems, there a numerous options and simple solutions to securing your property and deterring burglars. The best place to start is figuring out what attracts burglars to your home and then implementing measures to prevent it. Below are a few tips on how you can improve your home security and deter burglars.

Introduce Light

The majority of burglaries take place at night when burglars have the cover of darkness on their side making them less likely to be seen by neighbours. They may also choose to enter your property from the rear where fences and bushes may be available for extra cover. The best deterrent to use to take away the advantage of darkness is motion sensored external lights. These will be activated when someone approaches your property illuminating the outside of your house leaving no dark spaces for burglars to hide while they gain entry to your property.

Ease of Access

A lot of burglars are opportunists so if your property looks easy to gain access to then they are more likely to target your home. To stop this from happening then you should introduce visible and strong locks to your property to show that it will not be easy to gain access to your property and make them think twice before trying to gain entry to your property.

Patterns of Behaviour

Some burglars will put time and effort into planning a burglary and not just take the first opportunity they see. This requires them to watch you and your property to find out your routines and behaviours. This helps them to determine when your property will be empty and how long for.

When you leave your home for long periods of time it is important to leave the impression that the house is not empty. This can be done by setting timers for the lights to come on and asking a neighbour or family member to call round from time to time.

Valuables should be kept out of the bedroom as this is usually the first place a burglar will look. You should find a secure place to store valuables or remove them from your home when you leave your property for long periods of time.

Other security options such as burglar alarms are also brilliant deterrents and if possible it is a good idea to have on installed. 

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