Gain Entry: Lock Picking

Gain Entry: Lock PickingLock picking is used to open locks by manipulation the components without using a key. This technique is used regularly by locksmiths to gain entry to a property in which the owner has a broken or lost key. This process when used by a professional locksmith in non destructive.

Lock picking has been used to gain entry as long as locks themselves have been around. The earliest locks relied only on wards until Barrons invention of the double acting tumbler in 1778. Warded locks were generally opened by using a skeleton key. The skeleton key was specially designed to pass any wards that may be in the lock. Once Robert Barron patented the double acting movable detainer to all modern locks the more tentative process of lock picking was developed. This involved two instruments; one applies pressure while the other moves the plugs or teeth that are obstructing the movement of the bolt.

Lock picking to gain entry to a property is possible due to small variations in the shape, size and alignment of the components. Different methods of lock picking may be used depending on the type of lock.

Lock Picking Methods

There is no single way to pick a lock each locksmith will have their own method to suit them to open the lock and gain entry to a property.

The most common methods are:

Single Component Picking – This method is designed to focus on the irregularities of each individual pin to determine the order and position of each component. The classic hook shaped pick is best to use with this method.

Raking – The picks used in this method are known as rakes. They are designed to manipulate many or all of the components used. This method focuses on quickly varying the components of the lock to imitate a variety of key depths.

Comb Picks – This method uses a pin-tumbler pick designed to move all pins out of their blocking position by pushing them into the cylinder chambers. This allows the plug to turn freely.

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