3 Home Security Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Money!

3 Home Security Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Money!When we hear about being burgled on the news or from a friend we often think that it wont ever happen to us and as a result neglect our own home security measures. Here a 3 home security measures that are often ignored but by doing this it could cost you dearly.

  1. Motion Sensored Lights – it might seem strange that going out and spending money on motion sensored lights for the outside of your property can save you money, but sometimes you have to spend money to save money! Many burglars are deterred by well lit homes so investing in a motion sensored light for the outside of your property makes sense. You can just leave your outside light on as you would see an increase in energy bills so the best option is to get a light that is triggered to come on when someone approaches your property, this way it wont cost a fortune in energy bills and they will protect your property and valuables from unwanted visitors .

  2. Out Dated Home Security Solutions – This is one of the most common home security mistakes. When it comes to choosing your home security system you need to take into consideration all of our security needs. Most standard security systems cant meet all of them so it is best for you to do your research and see what best suits you, maybe even consider smart security solutions for the most up to date and effective security measures.

  3. Social Media Updates – This may seem strange to think that an update on social media can effect your home security but you will surprised at how much it affects it! For instance a burglar can check your social media for check in’s and status updates so they know when your property is empty and can take full advantage of this. Also photos taken inside your property can expose what valuables they have and where they can be found making it easy for a burglar to get in and out with what they want!

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