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The most common method of entry for burglars in the Sheffield areas is lock snapping. Lock snapping is the process of snapping a cylinder lock in half which allows the intruder to quickly gain access to your property and without even making much more noise than using a key. Sheffield has recently seen an increase in burglaries where criminals are snapping off uPVC door locks to quickly enter the property, steal what they can and quickly leave the property undetected.

We are getting more and more burglary damage calls due to this common method of entry and unfortunately, we find ourselves having to emotionally console distressed customers who are traumatised by the fact that someone else has been in their house and stolen their property.

Thankfully there is a way to prevent burglars from entering your property by snapping the lock so you do not have to become another burglary statistic in Sheffield and that is to have snap-safe locks fitted to your home or business.

Anti-snap LocksSnap-Safe locks are specifically designed to prevent burglars from gaining access to your home or business by snapping the cylinder in your door. When a burglar attempts to snap a snap-safe lock the lock simple snaps in half and does not allow the burglar to removal the rest of the lock to gain access to your property.

As if being burgled isn’t bad enough, if the locks on your property were not to British Standard, BS3621 and insurance approved there is a good chance that if you try to make a claim against your home insurance for damage to your property and for loss of goods, your insurance company will not pay out. Insurance approved locks are required on the property if you want to make a claim, something that not many people know.

Here at G & M Locksmiths in Sheffield we specialise in the installation of insurance approved, snap-safe locks and have fitted thousands in the Sheffield areas for both domestic and commercial clients. We use the best high security snap-safe locks on the market, Ultion Locks.

If you are worried that you may be vulnerable to having your locks snapped, then contact G & M Locksmiths in Sheffield for a free home security check where we can advise you on how you can better secure your home or business.

Home Security From Your Local Sheffield Locksmith

Here at G&M Locksmiths Sheffield we specialise in keeping your home safe and secure. Here are a few points to consider when it comes to home security in Sheffield.

With burglaries on the rise in Sheffield it’s important for your peace of mind and for insurance purposes that your property is as secure as can possibly be. Please contact G&M Locksmiths Sheffield to speak to a locksmith about what it is we can do to help you better secure your home and snap-safe and anti-snap lock installation, on 0114 205 5308


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