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Like anything else locks are prone to wear and tear and this can cause them to become stiff, unable to lock or unlock and even fail completely. A faulty lock will not always need replacing completely sometimes a simple repair will have it back working as good as new and will also save the customer money so wherever possible G & M Locksmiths will always repair locks instead of replacing a lock unnecessarily. In cases where a lock must be replaced our vans are fully stocked with almost every type of lock for windows and doors. We have a range of locks to suit all needs and budgets. All the locks we install are high quality, branded insurance approved locks that either meet or exceed the current British Standards BS3621 and TS007.

Lock Upgrades Sheffield

Lock Repairs Lock upgrades are an essential service that we provide here at G & M Locksmiths. Our team in Sheffield are always helping customers that require lock upgrades for many different reasons, the main reason being that insures now require your locks to either meet or exceed their minimum security requirements in order for them to provide you cover, and if you have an existing policy in place and don’t comply with this then you could find that your policy is invalid and your insurer will not be willing to pay out on any claims made. Insurers request that all external locks to a property either meet or exceed the minimum-security requirements of BS3621 or TS007 for uPVC doors. You can check if your locks meet this requirement by checking the face plate or barrel of the lock for the BS3621 kite mark. If you are still unsure our team of locksmiths in Sheffield would be happy to come out and carry out a security survey to check all locks are up to standard and in good working order, if we discover that your locks are substandard or faulty then we would be able to upgrade them in the same visit if you wish to do so. By having your locks upgraded to better quality high security locks burglars are less likely to target your home as they act as a deterrent as it is not a quick and easy gain entry for them, this could just be the difference between a break-in and an attempted break-in.

Lock Changes In Sheffield

There are a multitude of reasons why you may need to change the locks at your home or business in Sheffield, damaged locks, you have recently moved home or you just want higher security locks installing. Whatever the reason for a new lock in Sheffield you can be sure that our team at G & M Locksmiths will have exactly what you need. We stock a range of high-quality branded locks for all door types. All the locks that we install are top quality branded locks that either meet or exceed the minimum-security requirements of BS3621 or TS007.

We repair and replace all types of locks including the following:

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