Emergency Locksmith Sheffield

If you are locked out and need an emergency locksmith in Sheffield or you are locked in, need locks changing, lock upgrades, locks fitted from scratch, burglary repairs we are on hand 7 days a week to help.

In most cases our locksmith team can diagnose your problem and give you a price over the phone for most jobs they are set prices and won’t change unless you require further work doing which we will not carry out unless you have agreed to first.

Emergency Locksmith Sheffield Here at G & M Locksmiths, we offer a range of emergency locksmith solutions to both domestic and commercial customers in and around Sheffield. We understand that an emergency locksmith situation can be very stressful for our customers so a fast response to their call out is paramount, this is why we aim to be with all of our emergency customers within 30 minutes of their call day or night. We are available 7 days a week for all locksmith emergencies including, lockouts, broken key extraction, lock repairs, burglary damage repairs, and boarding up.

Non-Destructive Gain Entry In Sheffield

Lock outs are a common occurrence and at some point, we will all experience it at least once, it could be because keys have been lost, stolen, or even locked in your home. Whatever the reason for needing an emergency locksmith in Sheffield to gain entry to your property one thing that never changes is the experience, it is incredibly frustrating particularly if the weather is bad or you are returning from a long day at work! This is why we not only aim to get to your property as quickly as possible but also aim to gain entry without causing any damage in a timely manner. All the methods we use to gain entry are non-destructive so you can be sure that when we leave there will be no damage to your existing locks or door frame. With this said it is important to remember that if your keys have been lost or stolen then it may be worth getting the locks changed. This will ensure that your property remains secure as you never know who may now have your keys and what they intend on doing with them. The last thing anyone wants is an intruder letting themselves into their property with their own set of keys. If you do need your locks changing, then our vans are fully stocked and equipped to do this in the same visit so your property will be left safe and secure.

Broken Key Extraction In Sheffield

Keys snapping off in locks are a very common occurrence, it is often due to an old or damaged key however there are other factors that may cause this to happen such as a stiff lock that is being forced. Whatever the reason for the key breaking out team are highly skilled and experienced in extracting broken keys from locks and gaining entry to a property without causing any damage to the existing lock. We will also inspect the lock to see if there are any underlying issues that may have caused the key to snap in the lock and make the necessary repairs to prevent similar problems in the future if you wish to do so.

Burglary Damage Repairs In Sheffield

Falling victim to a break-in is something that none of us ever want to experience. Unfortunately, it is a very common occurrence and can happen to anyone. When you discover a break-in it is an emotional and stressful time this is why our team at G & M Locksmiths make it a priority to arrive quickly and get your property once again secured. We will board up any broken windows and doors and repair or replace any broken and damaged door and window locks. We will also offer a free security assessment to see if there are any security upgrades that can be implemented in order to help prevent any burglaries in the future. Often after a burglary people are left feeling unsettled and unsecure in their own homes, it is our aim at G & M Locksmiths to leave all of our customers safe in the knowledge that their home is once again secure.

If you are in Sheffield or the surrounding areas and need the assistance of an emergency locksmith, then contact G & M Locksmiths today – 0114 205 5308

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